Match-Ride Rescue is a side-scrolling arcade game. You play as an insect rescue ranger named Wick and bravely pilot a tiny match-powered hot-air balloon, saving other bugs from a flood. I created this project in Unity with three fellow Bradley University students late in Summer 2018. My role on the team was primarily as a programmer, but we all played significant design roles during development. 
Match-Ride Rescue was our submission to Week 55 of the Weekly Game Jam on, themed around the phrase "Got a Match?". Through further development during Fall 2018, our game became a Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 Student Game Showcase selection. The game is playable on my page.
Credits for the game are available on the game's page description. Further games I create with my Bradley colleagues and the newest versions of games I have already created with them are posted on our page.
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